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  • Quilting Machines Installed Chart

    Contact NowQuilting Machines Installed ChartHC3500 High speed computerized multi-function Chain Stitch quilting HC 3000/2500 High speed computerized multi-needle shuttle less quilting machine HC-S3000 Single Needle Quilting Machine HC-S2000 Single Needle Quilting Machine HC94-3JE Computerized Chain Stitch multi-needle quilting machine...Read More

  • HC Bobbin Winding Machine

    Contact NowHC Bobbin Winding MachineApplications: 1.Lace, quilts and the related industries 2.Specification: Standard 3.Output:6KG/day(based on NE60/2) 4.Power:0.2KW 5.Packaging: Wooden case 6.Size: 86cm x 64cm x 43cm 7.Net weight: 62KGRead More

  • HC-JB-1 Material Roller Machine

    Contact NowHC-JB-1 Material Roller MachineTechnical Specification: Feature Icon: Applications: It is used to crosscut,slitting and edge trimming the quilted fabric,and edge trimming the quilted fabric,and usually works in tandem with the quilting machine and rolling device,but it can also run alone.Read More

  • HC-QG-E Panel Cutting Machine

    Contact NowHC-QG-E Panel Cutting MachineSPECIAL FUNCTION: 1.Computer controlled panel cutting machine. 2.Designed to work with HC2000 , HC-94-3JE or HC-94-3JA Quilting Machine or on its own . 3.Machine is capable of cutting quilted panels,borders ,trimming sides or material rolling. 4.PLC control and touch screen for easy operation ....Read More

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