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Single Needle Quilting Machine Single Needle Quilting Machine Based On The Current International Quilting Market Demand Launched

Edit: Hengchang Quilting Machinery Factory      Date: May 15, 2017

 Single Needle Quilting Machine We are quilting machine professional manufacturers, is set product development, single needle quilting machine manufacturing and sales as one of the industrial enterprises.With China's bedding and quilted products continue to improve, I plant constantly improve the old product On the basis of pioneering innovation, a comprehensive upgrade of the control system, while X to Y head and base with full servo control system, full servo motor, dry low, high efficiency. And absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology, developed for the global bedding processing of economic and practical computer quilting machine equipment.


     Single Needle Quilting Machine Sanan employees are mostly 10 years with well-known brand quilting machine factory experience of the old technical staff. Professional technology, perfect service. So that the three quilted by the majority of customers recognized.

      We will adhere to the "professional to create value, responsibility for the future, the quality of moving the world, the integrity of broadcast the world." The business philosophy. Constantly beyond the self, challenge the limit, and users together to climb a new peak, to create new glory.

     The company features: a new structure, excellent performance, single needle quilting machine full servo motor, high efficiency and low consumption, smooth operation, high degree of automation, simple operation, beautiful appearance, the price economy.

      Dongda Jin Machinery Equipment Factory specializing in the production of domestic and foreign computer quilting machines and non-woven non-woven equipment, has a complete scientific quality and management system, with many years of product sales experience. Provide excellent product performance, simple operation, low failure, good looks. Products can be widely used in the production of bedding, bedspreads, mattresses, pillow, clothing, quilt ...

    Single Needle Quilting Machine We are currently in China today's famous clothing, bedding and mattress manufacturers are mostly used to provide our various models of computer quilting machine, and our products are also exported to Europe, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia and other regions. We have been pursuing "customer first, quality win" the purpose of market-oriented, timely innovation, which in the industry has always been a leading position.

     We offer the quilting machine is based on the current international quilting market demand, the use of the world's leading level of Europe and the United States quilting machine manufacturing technology, all technical indicators and equipment performance and the world's top quilting machine to keep pace, technical and reliable use Wide, suitable for clothing, cushions, bedspreads, mattresses, sleeping bags and other products of production, which can meet the needs of different users.

     We provide the products include: all kinds of computer quilting machine, vacuum-drying machine, non-woven carding machine, pillow filling machine (filling machine), automatic compression packaging machine, combing lines, computer shuttle shuttle quilting machine, Mechanical shuttle quilting machine, computer shuttle quilting machine, automatic wire drawing machine, and so on.

     Single Needle Quilting Machine We provide not only to provide business services, but also improve the after-sales service system, the majority of users of the technical 

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