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Mattress Machine The Most Stringent Quality Requirements Of The Mattress Machine Are Checked

Edit: Hengchang Quilting Machinery Factory      Date: May 15, 2017

Mattress Machine The company is specialized in the production and research and development of various medical materials machinery enterprises, is approved by the relevant state departments incorporated the company, the current production of Eisai machinery has more than 50 species. Company is located in Henan Province Changyuan County Mancun industrial area, covering 30 acres, currently has more than 210 employees, including engineering and technical personnel more than 80 people. Company is located in the 308 provincial highway, west of G45 highway, south of Xinhe railway, convenient transportation. Bonn from the beginning of 1989 production of medical machinery and equipment, after more than 20 years of technology development and production practice, has now become Eisai machinery and equipment industry with a complete production system and mass production scale of specialized production enterprises. The main machine products are medical gauze folding machine, medical gauze cotton machine, medical high-grade cotton swab machine, medical cotton ball machine, medical bandage machine, medical gauze slitter, medical disposable mask machine, medical mechanism cap machine, medical bed sheet Machine, mattress machine automatic pull cloth machine, medical packaging machine, ethylene oxide disinfection cabinet, mattress machine alcohol cotton machine, cotton machine, hot melt adhesive compound machine, automatic medical pad single machine, one-time operation One-time medical pillowcase manufacturing machine, three-dimensional mask manufacturing machine, automatic PE glove machine, medical infusion paste slice machine, ultrasonic lace machine, dressing appropriate Cutting machine, automatic wound paste packaging machine, round knife Slitter, pressure by cutting machine and other mechanical equipment. The company used the mechanical processing equipment sophisticated, strong technical force, stable and reliable quality, technology and equipment, by the customer's trust and praise. Companies in the "customer first, integrity first" principle, with a number of production of protective equipment enterprises to establish a long-term cooperative relations in the industry has a good reputation and credibility. We sincerely welcome friends from various circles to visit, study, business negotiations.

  Mattress Machine Quality control and after-sales service: the company's machinery and equipment in the process design, production debugging, after-sales service are in the quality system management mode. The Company with a solid engineering capacity, rich experience in production and scientific and effective management, passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification. The company to ensure that all the machinery and equipment factory to the most stringent quality requirements to check, never allow any nonconforming product into the customer. Bonn company based on the leadership of the full participation, the establishment, implementation and continuous improvement into a flexible and effective quality management system, from the acceptance of raw materials to the product warehousing shipments, Cengcengbaguan, layers of traceability to ensure that products high pass rate. The company has advanced production and processing equipment, a huge scientific and technological personnel, accurate and efficient after-sales service, in the pursuit of "high quality, high standards" at the same time, combined with the domestic environment and the actual needs of different industries, technical departments perseverance The improvement of our products, and strive to tailor the most customers "quality and cheap, economical and reasonable" equipment.

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