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Mattress Machine Mattress Quilting Machine Continuous Efforts And The Pursuit Of!

Edit: Hengchang Quilting Machinery Factory      Date: May 10, 2017

Mattress Machine Mattress quilting a professional engaged in domestic and foreign well - known sewing equipment and related spare parts wholesale and retail, sales agents of the service company. Mattress quilting agent agents are Japanese heavy machine, Morimoto, Yamato, KM, the United States Eastman, Gerber, Jiangsu Bailian, Shenzhen ninety nine, Taizhou Shengtian, snooker, Nambang and other well-known brands at home and abroad wholesale Retail all kinds of imported and domestic sewing equipment spare parts, and provide customers with template development and production services, as well as providing automatic template machine rental and processing. Corporation Hangzhou Haicheng Garment Equipment Co., Ltd. engaged in the field for nearly 30 years, for the domestic sewing machine industry, one of the largest vendors, but also our strongest backing. Our company set training, consulting, sales, installation, after-sales maintenance, service in one, for clothing, luggage, car seats, footwear and other areas of production enterprises, with excellent sales team for the factory advice and provide efficient and free After-sales service, won the majority of new and old customers agree.

     Mattress Machine In the field of sewing equipment, the rapid rise in annual sales of more than 50 million. In the process of development, innovation, hard service, by helping customers to upgrade the automation equipment for them to improve the quality, improve efficiency, save costs and reduce the dependence on skilled workers, so that customers in the East Asian market Competition to win back the advantage. Our company uphold the "market first, customer first, service first" business ideas to create customer relations, the achievements of customer business.

     Mattress Machine 2015 won the "Anhui Sewing Equipment Association," promulgated the "Anhui Province, sewing equipment excellent dealer" title. We believe that through our continuous efforts and the pursuit of certain customers will be able to achieve a win-win situation for a better tomorrow!

Linyi County Dongcheng Hongyun Machinery is a professional production and sale of cotton enterprises, the main products are: electric control to adjust the width of the wire drawing machine, manually adjust the width of the wire drawing machine, single roller adjustable wide flower machine, Double roller adjustable wide flower machine, combing the whole machine, intelligent bomb machine, no net kneading machine, wide air flow recovery machine, four Luo La cloth head open machine, mattress quilting machine four roller two roll cloth head In addition, I plant the production of electronic control adjustable drawing machine and adjustable width of the flower machine, widely absorb the advantages of various models, a high degree of automation, cotton Uniform formation, simple operation, praised by the majority of users.

   Mattress Machine Adhere to the quality and development to the credibility of survival, in 2000 registered "Hongyun" trademark; in 2002 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2004 made cotton production license, and has won the "science and technology enterprises in Shanxi Province" "Shanxi Province, the quality of credit management demonstration enterprises", "Yuncheng Shou contract re-credit enterprises" and other glorious title, in 2008, 3.15 consumer satisfaction activities in the selection of "quality, reputation, service consumer satisfaction commitment unit."

  Mattress Machine In order to achieve the "hundred years of Hongyun" lofty goals, and constantly improve the mechanism, strengthen the development, the pursuit of perfection, mattress quilting machine in the years of production and management process, the formation of a unique production management and unique marketing system to perfect Quality system, improve the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service to the product, the customer is responsible.

   Mattress quilting machine wholeheartedly welcome all sectors of business at home and abroad, join hands in creating new glory!

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